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LUSH Mini Haul & Review

Everything about Lush makes me happy. I love being able to shop and see the “V”  vegan logo displayed clearly next to each product. There is no confusion over its ingredients or if it was tested on animals. The ingredients are always fair trade and ethically sourced, their packing is made from recyclable products, the prices are great, and there is […]

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My Vegan Journey/Why This Blog Exists

 My Journey Grab a coffee, this is a lengthy first post 🙂  I made the decision to go vegan 6 months ago, after 2 years of being vegetarian. Since going vegan my entire life has changed. That may sound dramatic to those of you reading this who have not yet made the switch, but anyone who is currently vegan, I can guarantee will agree with me. Once you go vegan you almost revert back to a childlike state. To the person you were before the world hardened you, before the world told you what to think and right and wrong. You begin to trust your intuition again. You begin to see the things you have in common with people instead of only seeing their differences. You begin to empathize with strangers, with all living beings. You begin to feel more deeply, and not be afraid of those emotions. You begin to respect yourself as well as the world around you. You don’t take yourself, your body or others for granted. Going through this major life change has been the most important thing I’ve done thus far. I feel incredibly grateful for this journey that, at the beginning was bit of an emotional rollercoaster. I am starting this blog to share what I’ve learned as I feel like its my duty to pass these things along. When I first went vegan I admit, I was worried I would be living a very […]

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