Winter Accessories from Aritzia – Vegan


Hey y’all 🙂

It is officially spring here in Toronto but it does NOT feel like it. There isn’t snow on the ground anymore but it is still below zero. Luckily I have a vacation planned for next week so I get to briefly escape this never-ending Winter.

I was doing some online shopping last night for my trip and noticed that 2 of my favourite winter accessories were on sale so I thought I would share them with you.

It can be tricky to find functional and fashionable gloves, scarves and mittens that are vegan. A-lot of the gloves and hats I’ve found have been made with wool, or leather, or real fur. A big misconception is that all our winter gear has to be made from animals in order to be high quality and keep us warm. But these days there are really fashionable warm cruelty-free options available.

The gloves and hat I own are from Aritzia. The hat I have is the Lyn Skully Hat, it is made with a stretchy chenille fabric and has a vegan fur poof on top. It is super cute and not at all bulky. It fits close to your head, but is breathable, I haven’t suffered from sweaty hat head since owning it lol. It comes in Olive, black and dark blue. It was originally $50 CAD but are now $14.99 ! That is a steal! I am kinda pissed I bought it when it was full price 😦



The gloves I have are the Barten Mittens. They are super cozy and made with soft vegan leather, the inside looks like sherpa but is faux. They are warm, cozy and were great to wear all winter while walking my dog. The fabric hasn’t worn down at all over the last few months they still look brand new. They were $40 CAD but are now down to $19.99.


Grab these while you still can 🙂


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