Lush Valentines Haul

Hey y’all 🙂

Love it or hate it, Valentines day is a week away. If you don’t have a date, society states you are a loser, go grab your vegan ice cream and sulk. If you are in a relationship,  its time to panic, did you forget to make dinner reservations? There is no time for that now because every restaurant has been booked since the summer. You still need flowers, chocolate, jewelry, and lingerie. If you were a loving spouse all year, it doesn’t matter,it comes down to this ONE day to prove your love.

As you can tell I’m not really into Valentines lol. Before you jump to conclusions and assume I am bitter and single. I’m not. I am in a very happy long-term relationship. My disdain for the day goes waaay back, from as early as elementary school. I hated the way Valentines day made me feel. When I was in grade school, if I didn’t receive as many cards as the girl next to me I would feel insecure. When I was older and single, I would feel like a failure. The pats on the back from family and friends saying, ” Don’t worry, one day you will find Mr Right”. It irked me. I wasnt upset I was single, I quite enjoyed it. But society told me there was something wrong with me, that somehow I was incomplete until someone, specifically a man deemed me worthy of his affection.


In past years when I was in relationships, I felt that it was all some sort of competition. I wasnt excited to spend the day with someone who loved me, I was excited to get expensive presents and then post about it on Facebook. Sarah from high schools boyfriend only got her flowers, so I’m doing better than her. Megan got a car from her boyfriend… it doesn’t matter that she had fb status updates all year complaining that her bf was cheating on her, the brand new car with a bow on it means that she is more successful in love than I am.

I know that I’m exaggerating a little, but on some level we are all competing with each other. Subconsciously we want to show off, we want others to be envious. We tend to use material things as a measure of how happy we are or how happy others are. The day that this all clicked for me, I just wanted off the ride. As with all things in life that I have had a an awakening too, I go hardcore angry before slowly moving to a more realistic state of mind. I originally declared, I was no longer subscribing to society ideals, I refuse to spend another dollar in support of this capitalist scam, Hallmark conspiracy that is Valentines day.

A few years have passed since that revolution and I’ve calmed down a smidgen. I’ve come to the mindset that this day doesn’t have to be THAT deep. I don’t need to hate the day, I don’t have to boycott all things lovey. lol. Me and my partner still say we don’t celebrate it, and we don’t really, but some years he gets me flowers, sometimes he doesn’t, sometimes I buy him a present in February, sometimes I don’t. Once the pressure was off, we were are free to make our own rules. No more expectations, no more disappointments.

Whether you love love, or whether you despise the day. It is nice to take time for yourself and give yourself a treat. Don’t wait for someone to complete you, be your own soul mate first.Valentines day shouldn’t make a void in your life, and it definitely won’t fill one.


So now that you know how little weight I put on Valentines day, it seems very unlikely that I would go crazy for a Valentines line, but alas …when I came across this collection at Lush, I did do a little happy squeal. LOOK HOW CUTE THIS STUFF IS. Little hearts that look like cakes, pink everywhere, I had to buy it all. This whole collection is limited edition and vegan. I definitely recommend stocking up before its gone, maybe even buy a few extra to give to your girls. Spread the love ❤ 🙂



Polyamorous|Luxury Bath Oil

This cute little bath oil is made of butters & oils and is meant to smooth skin, while the scent of sandalwood and alluring violets leaf “puts you in the mood”.


Tisty Tosty | Bath Bomb

Described as a “love potion” that is made to “stir passions”. The scent is rose and jasmine, as it fizzles little rosebuds float around your tub.


Whole Lotta Love | Bubbleroon

My personal favorite, because it looks like a little sparkly cake. This isn’t a bath bomb nor a bath oil, it’s somewhere in the middle. You crumble it under the water and the waters turn red and sparkly (with plastic free sparkles). It smells like rose, jasmine, lemongrass and tart caramel apple.


Tender is the Night| Naked Shower Cream

This shower cream is apart of Lush’s “Naked” line. Its a shower cream that has zero packaging, and zero waste (so cool!) It smells like ylang ylang, vanilla, & jasmine and is meant to be moisturizing and leave the skin glowing,

Cherry Baby | Knot-wrap

I’ve been dying to get some of these knot-wraps. These are fabric squares that are meant to be used as reusable wrapping paper, made from 100% recycled plastic. The idea is fantastic, I just wish they were a little larger. When not wrapping presents you can also use it as a headband 🙂


Have you picked up any of this line yet?

How do You feel about Valentines day? Do you celebrate it? Or avoid it? ❤


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