LUSH Mini Haul & Review


Everything about Lush makes me happy. I love being able to shop and see the “V”  vegan logo displayed clearly next to each product. There is no confusion over its ingredients or if it was tested on animals. The ingredients are always fair trade and ethically sourced, their packing is made from recyclable products, the prices are great, and there is always a sale. Lush even has a new line out called ” Naked” that has zero packaging. It is currently all sold out though. My only complaint with Lush is their scents can be too overpowering. A lot of their products have a hippie-ish type aroma. By hippie-ish I mean essential oils and flowers. I usually lean towards more of a sensual musky, vanilla wood type smells, so walking into a Lush store can be a bit overwhelming for me. I’m not exaggerating, 2 minutes in and I feel like im going to throw up coupled with a headache that doesn’t go away for hours. This limits me to shopping online and guess purchasing based on reviews, their top notes and featured ingredients. Some descriptions are dead on but some are confusingly and the complete opposite of what I expected. This weeks order had some amazing products that I immediately reordered and some products that were “Meh”. Most importantly yes, they are all vegan.

Rehab shampoo $13.95 CAD (100 ml) The smell is not something I would normally gravitate too, but after reading good reviews I gave it a shot. It says on the site that the feature ingredient is pineapple, so I assumed that is what it would smell like. It does not. I would say the strongest note is of peppermint. So far I have really liked the product based on performance though. You don’t need a lot of product, it foams up nicely, leaves your hair clean and fresh, shiny and not weighed down. I’ve been very impressed with it, and the smell is now growing on me so I ordered a full size.

Veganese Conditioner $9.95 (100 ml) As it says on the Lush site, its feature ingredient is lemon and it does smell of citrus. It does everything that it says it suppose to. It leaves hair glossy, moisturized and not weighed down. I don’t have an issue brushing my hair fresh out the shower with this product which was a huge issue I had with my last shampoo/conditioner. Over all this shampoo and conditioner both work great together. I have ordered a full size of this product as well.

Damaged Hot Oil Treatment  $10.95 I am planning on changing my hair colour quite drastically in the next few weeks so I am doing everything I can to get my hair tip-top shape before bleaching the crap out of it. This products feature ingredient is avocado oil, it also contains a few other oils and leaves behind a vanilla-ish scent. It was nice, it did its job, but I don’t think I will repurchase it. It had the same effect as doing a hot oil treatment myself with coconut oil. This treatment was $10.95 for one use, a tub of coconut oil is the same price and you can do countless treatments.

Saucy Snowcake Soap  $7.95 A seasonal bar of soap, I bought a few of these because they were buy one get one also because of the name, and because they are satisfying to look at. The writeup says it has sweet vanilla ice cream scent and moisturizing cocoa butter. It does not. This smells super hippy dippy to me. Like an extremely overpowering smell of clove, and rose or some other type of essential oil. It has berries on top which look really pretty but when you use the soap the berries fall off and then you have squishy berries in your drain. When I first opened the package and realized I didn’t like the smell I thought they would be nice to keep out in a bowl as decoration, but the smell is pretty intense without even using it.. so yea, this month I will be smelling bad and I wont be repurchasing those.

Butterball Bath-bomb $4.95 – A moisturizing bath bomb that claims to smell like cocoa and vanilla, and it does, it smells great, smooths the skin and is overall lovely experience.  This isn’t a bath bomb I would buy for kids to use as it didn’t have any glitter or fancy colours. It is white and it got slightly foamy but didn’t do anything exciting like some other bombs do. I have re-ordered this one it was very relaxing.

I made a resolution this new year that I will buy more self-care items, specifically more bath bombs. I usually receive them as presents, and when I do I love them, but I never seem to buy them for myself. They are a great way to unwind and re connect with yourself. Let me know what your favorite bath bombs are, I would love suggestions on what to order next 🙂




  1. Veganese is my favourite conditioner! I just found your blog and as a fellow vegan with a newfound love for skincare, I’m loving your ethical product reviews!


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